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Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes offers quality funeral and cremation services in Portland, ME and nearby area. Established in 1959, we are a family-owned and operated funeral home that adheres to the highest funeral profession standards and is committed to excellence in every aspect of funeral, burials and cremations. We will work with you to plan a funeral or cremation that is truly reflective of the life lived. Our well-trained funeral directors will explain all of your options to ensure the funeral or cremation costs are within your budget. We promise to treat your loved one with the same dignity that we would expect for our own family members. We are the only funeral home in the area to offer both a modern, open concept funeral home and a warm, historic, and inviting facility. Call us today at (207) 773-6511, we are here 24 hours a day, every day.

Why Customizing Services for Funeral and Cremation in South Portland, ME Matters

The loss of someone we love to death is unarguably one of the most challenging experiences to navigate. With that loss comes the need to make plans for the final needs of your loved one. Designing final services could include funeral and cremation events in South Portland, ME. There are many ways to customize and personalize these experiences for the benefit of all involved. Final arrangements that are done well consider two critical aspects.

The first matter at hand is the most time-sensitive- caring for the deceased remains in a respectful and health-conscious way. The second area of focus takes the needs of the bereaved into account. These services are primarily for this group of people. It is wonderful to care for the deceased in the ways they may have requested before passing away. However, it is also essential to balance those instructions with an offering to allow the family and friends to say goodbye in some way.

South Portland, ME Funeral Home And Cremations

There are Many Ways to Personalize Funeral and Cremation in South Portland, ME

There is certainly no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to selecting which services make the most sense for your specific circumstance. Know up front that there are many options, and you can pick and choose what will best support your needs through this experience.

Services for Cremations: This process transitions the final form into a few pounds of granularized bone fragments. The change occurs by exposing the body to intensely high heat that results in burning away all of the soft tissues of the deceased body. Cremation can be planned with other services, called a complete cremation. It may also be ordered without any public services attached to it, in which case it is called a direct or simple cremation. It is possible to combine the services for funeral and cremation in South Portland, ME too.

Ash Scattering for Cremated Remains: One way to place cremated remains for the final resting place is via scattering. You could plan an honoring service around this practice if desired. It will be important that you have the appropriate permits and permissions to scatter the ashes and hold an event at this location. Your funeral home can help you see and attend to all of these crucial details.

Full-Service Packages for Funerals: Funeral packages can be made whatever you need them to be, including a full-service funeral package. This event package has a viewing or visitation event where mourners can pay their last respects to the deceased in an open or closed casket held before the funeral. The funeral event offers words about the departed's life and may also provide words of comfort to those who are grieving. After the funeral, the procession may go to the gravesite together. A service-connected reception might follow.

Designing Celebrations of Life: An event that focuses on the life that has been lived in a meaningful way is often called a Celebration of Life. This often works well when some time has passed after the death has happened. Because of this, a memorial service format works wonderfully for this style of service. You can even use themes or center this celebration around an activity that the deceased loved.

Options Surrounding Burials: Both above and below-ground burial solutions exist. If you are interested in above-ground entombment in a burial crypt or mausoleum, you’ll need to look for a burial place that has these options. Burial is not limited to caskets only—cremated remains can also be interred or entombed. Look for urn plots or columbarium walls/houses if you prefer that avenue.

Alternative Options With Green Burials: Look into green burial for those who want more natural solutions around burial. These services seek to reduce the final footprint caused by the death care and final disposition process. Avoiding things like embalming, synthetic caskets, and burial vaults can help the deceased body break down more quickly and is less invasive to the earth


What Are Some Reasons to Make Funerary Plans in Advance?

Taking the time now to designate even a few of the decisions for when your final needs arrive can be a massive support to your family who will survive you. Instead of wondering what you would have wanted, they will already know. You can make these plans more detailed or more broadly defined, allowing for the details to be worked out when the time arrives. You may choose to prepay for the services as well, which will offer your family an additional layer of support. By law, in many states, these funds will be held in a third-party trust fund until needed.

A Provider With a Proven Track Record is Right Here in Your Area

Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes is a provider that has offered comforting and quality care and assistance to grieving families as they lay their loved ones to rest. For all of your needs related to funeral and cremation in South Portland, ME, please reach out for the next steps and compassionate, professional service.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How can I make my loved one's funeral special?
Yes, funeral personalization is probably for you. Personalized funerals are no longer an uncommon practice. Personalizing funerals has become especially popular in recent years because it allows people to honor the memory of their loved ones while saving thousands of dollars on traditional services. It also gives mourners something tangible they can hold onto and cherish during this difficult time.
Can an individual receive veteran’s funeral honors?
There are some cases where people who aren't veterans but contributed greatly to their community can receive honors from local posts. This includes police officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty or civilian individuals that have been awarded medals from the Department of Defense or other agencies for actions performed during war times. Learn more about honoring veterans.
How much does Social Security Benefits can re-imburse a funeral expense?
Funeral expenses can be reimbursed up to $2000 by Social Security. If the funeral costs exceed this amount, then family members can put down a payment on the remaining balance and request reimbursement from Social Security after the funeral has taken place. They may seek reimbursement for any unused money 60 days after the death. Learn more about social security benefits.

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